Our Identity Management and Protection Products

Our B2B products provide cost effective solutions when you're seeking a robust answer to the threat and impact of Identity Fraud


This service offers assistance on a group basis to those individuals who have had their personal information fraudulently used by identity thieves.

So who are typical purchasers of the WRAP™? Employee Benefit Companies, Affinity Groups, Unions, Trade Associations, Insurance Companies, Educational Institutions, Medical Groups…..the list goes on. In fact, any large group in any industry sector that is looking to embed a very affordable Identity Theft service within their offering.

Experienced fraud resolution specialists can help resolve financial identity theft, criminal identity theft, and medical identity theft. Members who are victimized by identity fraud will interact with one fraud specialist who knows the details of the case and who manages the case from beginning through final resolution.

The Fraud Specialist works with all creditors, agencies, law enforcement, professional associations, credit reporting agencies and collection companies. The Fraud Specialist also works with the victim when necessary, to place fraud alerts, credit freezes and suppressions with the three credit bureaus.

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Our PIP™ product is a comprehensive suite of pro active monitoring tools including Triple Bureau Credit Monitoring, Cyber Surveillance of PII including bank accounts-credit cards- medical insurance, Social Security Number Trace, Adress Change etc. It also includes all of the elements of our WRAP™ repair and restoration program.

Designed to provide a deeply discounted price alternative to similar products in the market that cost around $300 per year, PIP™ is priced at just $108 per person per year!

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I am writing concerning one of your fraud advocates who has been exceptionally responsive and helpful in dealing with our ID Fraud issues.

Recently she spent an hour and a half on the phone with my credit card company and myself resolving an issue that if not solved would have prevented me from leasing a car that was due to be signed for on the next day.

Every interaction with her has been characterized by efficiency courtesy and cheerfulness.

J. H. Einstein

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Our Client was unable to file taxes electronically. You guys contacted the electronic filer and the IRS where it was determined that someone else did file and obtain a refund under our client’s Social Security Number. Your help in completing all appropriate paperwork including the affidavit of fraud for the IRS and assisting in contacting the IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit was invaluable. This is complicated stuff and our client wants to pass on their thanks! 

 One Beacon Insurance Services

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Our 2 Minute Guide to Key Stats from 2020

2020 was a dramatic year from many perspectives! We have compiled our key statistics and encourage you to take a look.  Covid changed lives and habits and thats reflected in the world of identity theft.

We saw big increases in :

  • Benefit Fraud
  • IRS Fraud
  • Total Monetary Loss

Click on the pic to take a look and to download the infographic



A Guide For Victims

Recovering from Identity theft can be confusing and there's a whole process involved. 

Take a look at our newly updated Guide for Victims which helps explain the process of recovery.

  • An Evolving Problem
  • Your Systematic process for Identity Recovery
  • The Larger Picture - Building a Case File
  • Directions You should Follow
  • How Did I Become A Victim?
  • What If I lost Identity Documents?
  • How Can I Protect Myself and my family?

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Working from Home and Identity Fraud during Covid 19

As we all adopt to our current reality with COVID19, many of us are under some form of "lock down" and are required to work from home.This represents the potential for some very serious consequences to data security, both corporate and personal.

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Unemployment Benefit Fraud.......

As we are all aware, Covid has created considerable hardship for many and unemployment claims have skyrocketed. Unfortunately this has created an environment where claims fraud has skyrocketed too.

Many individuals have had their identities fraudulently used by identity thieves and fraudsters to claim benefits.

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Phishing! So Common and So Dangerous.......

You know those emails, they look like they come from friends or recognized businesses but in reality they are a scam. Intended to entice us into opening and responding we then run the risk of providing personal information to identity thieves and fraudsters who wish us harm. 

Click the picture to take a look at our infographic on this issue......




The Robocalling Pandemic is Not Just Inconvenient......

Whilst they may have been viewed as an inconvenience in the past, the sheer number of them and the capacity for Fraud is becoming clearer and more unsettling. Click on the picture to learn more.....


Ransomeware.... What is it? A brief Review....

It used to be that it was only big companies and institutions that were targets of Ransomeware. That's no longer the case. Whilst they may still be primary targets, individuals are increasingly at risk.

You flip open your lap top or login to your network and see the dreaded words "ACCESS DENIED".

What happens next? Click on the pic to read more.....


Student Identity Theft is very real...

Take a look at our brief animated video which highlights the problems facing Universities and Colleges as they look to make their students safer.

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Better Security Starts With The Basics.... Passwords!

The simplest way to start to protect ourselves on and off line is by our use of passwords. Changing them regularly and not using the same password multiple times is a great basic prevention tool.

As you'll see from the infographic from a survey conucted in 2015, we're a long way from understanding the dangers of complacency with respect to passwords.

Take a look at the Top 20 passwords by clicking on the pic.