Tips, Help & Links to Useful Sources

Your Identity is the gateway to your financial assets and your personal reputation.

Your Identity is needed to secure credit, open a bank account, apply for a job… If it is compromised the effect on your family can be devastating. Please, take a few minutes and browse some valuable information sources and learn how to protect your most valuable asset.

Over sixteen million Americans were the victims of identity theft last year. Nationally the odds of a family being victimized by identity fraud are increasing rapidly, be aware and be informed.

FTC LOGOFederal Trade Commission: Fighting Back Against Identity Theft ………(Highly Recommended) Site Contains a plethora of information, statistics, and trends as well as detailed explanations of crime facts.

Discussions include: credit card fraud, loan fraud, government documents and benefits fraud, bank fraud, utilities fraud, and employment fraud.


Federal Trade Commission: Military   An excellent resource for military personnel and their families. Discussions include specific threats to military families and the Active Duty Alert.



Social Security Administration: Identity theft and Your Social Security Number    Includes tips on protecting your SSN and what to do if you believe it is being compromised.


Internal Revenue Service: Identity Theft and Your Tax Records   Includes an excellent discussion about how this crime can reach deep to affect your status with the IRS. Contemporary scams are discussed. The paper includes a link to the IRS Identity Theft Affidavit: Form 14039.

Annual Credit Report   (Highly Recommended)  ANNUAL CREDIT REPORT LOGO

Obtain your free, annual credit report from this site.



OPTOUTPRESCREEN.COM    Use this site to remove your name from pre-approved credit lists.


Department of Health & Human Services: Health Information Privacy    Explains HIPPA and your rights as a consumer.


Federal Deposit Insurance Information: Identity Theft and Fraud 
 Excellent Discussion of fraud, scams, and internet banking.DOJ LOGO


Department of Justice: Identity Theft and Identity Fraud    Another good source for understanding Identity Theft.

The Credit Bureaus





Steps To Protect Yourself and Your Family Against Identity Theft          You need to protect your identity! Without taking these steps our risk of becoming a victim of identity theft greatly increase.

How Criminals Steal Your Identity and Your Personal Vulnerabilities   Identity theft occurs when someone steals your personal information and uses it to commit fraud. To better understand the crime, it is important to recognize your personal vulnerabilities.